Take Control of Calendar and Reminders, 1st Edition

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Manage your schedule more effectively using Calendar and Reminders!

In the days before personal computers and mobile devices, we had to rely on paper calendars and to-do lists to help us organize our time and activities. Now, we have powerful tools, like Apple's Calendar and Reminders, that are much more responsive to our needs. Put an event on your schedule, invite others to join, or set yourself an alarm (or more than one). Or, keep a list of to-do items, add to it and view it on all your Apple devices, and share your list with family or friends.

In this book, veteran Mac journalist and editor Scholle McFarland will guide you through getting to know these incredibly helpful apps, including lesser-known (but handy) features. For example, did you know that in Calendar you can set an alert for when you need to leave for an event, based on the travel time calculated using the location you entered for the event? Or that Reminders can prompt you to do something not only at a certain time, but also once you've reached a specific destination, like the grocery store?

If you've never taken the opportunity to explore Calendar and Reminders, this book will show you how to make them an important part of your daily routine. If you've already been using Calendar and Reminders, you'll learn how to use them more effectively, troubleshoot common problems, and delve deeper into their capabilities.

Whip your schedule into shape and tame your to-do lists with Take Control of Calendar and Reminders!

Let Scholle walk you through how to get the best out of Calendar and Reminders, including how to:

  • Customize Calendar to your liking, from setting time zones, to color coding specific calendars
  • Create events, making them repeat at regular intervals or on certain dates
  • Set up notifications and alerts, so you never miss an event
  • Invite people to events, or share your calendar with them
  • Create, manage, and share lists in Reminders
  • Set alarms in Reminders at a certain time or a certain place
  • Use Siri to save time when creating events or reminders
  • Easily check events and reminders on your Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch
  • Troubleshoot common problems in Calendar and Reminders
  • Share calendars and reminders using iCloud Family Sharing

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Table of contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Activating Siri
  2. Introduction
  3. Calendar & Reminders Quick Start
  4. Calendar vs. Reminders
    1. Calendar
    2. Reminders
  5. Meet Calendar
    1. Day View
    2. Week View
    3. Month View
    4. Year View
  6. Set Up Calendar
    1. Connect Calendar to iCloud
    2. Connect Calendar to Other Accounts
    3. Create More Calendars
    4. Tap into Special Calendars
    5. Color-code Your Calendars
    6. Customize Calendar
  7. Work with Events
    1. Add an Event
    2. Add a Suggested Event
    3. Reschedule an Event
    4. Delete an Event
  8. Invite People to Events
    1. Send the Invitation
    2. Get in Touch with Invitees
    3. Accept and Decline Invitations
  9. Set Up Calendar Alerts
    1. Understand Alert Basics
    2. Custom Alerts
    3. Time to Leave
    4. Modify Your Default Alerts
    5. Turn Off Alerts for a Single Calendar
  10. Share & Subscribe to Calendars
    1. Share an iCloud Calendar
    2. Share Calendars Hosted in CalDAV
    3. Subscribe to a Calendar
  11. Meet Reminders
  12. Set Up Reminders
    1. Specify Where Your Lists Will Live
    2. Create Different Lists for Different Things
    3. Change Your Default Reminder List
    4. Manage Your Lists
  13. Work with Reminders
    1. Add a Reminder
    2. Manage Reminders
    3. Sound the Alarm
    4. Set Other Options
    5. Check Off Completed Reminders
    6. Show Your Completed Items
  14. Check Events & Reminders
    1. Check on Your Mac
    2. Ask Siri
    3. Check on Your iPhone or Other iOS Device
    4. Look on Your Apple Watch
  15. Troubleshoot Problems
    1. How do I prevent Calendar spam?
    2. How do I get rid of duplicate events?
    3. How do I remove duplicate birthdays?
    4. How do I get rid of duplicate iCloud calendars?
    5. How do I move a calendar to another computer?
    6. What if I made too many calendars?
    7. Why won’t my calendar show maps or travel time?
    8. Why can’t I see any of my reminders on my iPhone?
    9. What if I accidentally delete all my reminders?
    10. How can I get an On My Mac option?
    11. What if changes on one device don’t show up on another?
  16. Use iCloud Family Sharing
    1. Set Up Family Sharing
    2. Share Family Reminders
    3. Share a Family Calendar
    4. Stop Family Sharing
    5. Transfer a Child to Another Family
  17. Set Up Notifications
    1. On Your Mac
    2. On Your iOS Device
    3. On the Apple Watch
  18. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Publisher
  19. Copyright & Fine Print

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of Calendar and Reminders, 1st Edition
  • Author(s): Scholle McFarland
  • Release date: May 2017
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781947282001