Take Control of High Sierra

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Head off into High Sierra with confidence!

Looking for a high-quality, in-depth guide to High Sierra? Look no further than Take Control of High Sierra by former Macworld editor Scholle McFarland! An expanded version of Scholle's popular Crash Course on macOS (previously for Sierra and El Capitan), Take Control of High Sierra covers all the changes Apple has made in High Sierra, and how best to adapt them to your own needs.

You'll learn great details about High Sierra, like how it's now possible to take live photos of a FaceTime conversation, type instead of talk to Siri, and easily share files through iCloud. You'll also learn about the big changes Apple has made behind the scenes in High Sierra, including rolling out a new file system, improved video support, and support for VR. In addition, Scholle explains what has changed in Apple apps, including Safari, Mail, and Photos.

You'll also discover lots of helpful tips on using High Sierra, including how to:

  • Find files, tweak System Preferences, and control apps (like iTunes) with Siri
  • Use Spotlight to find files and facts from all kinds of sources
  • Create tabs in a variety of Apple and third-party apps (not just Safari)
  • Open Mission Control view to easily see all of your windows at once
  • Navigate Notification Center, including the new Now Playing widget in High Sierra
  • Update your Safari preferences for specific sites and preventing advertisers from tracking your searches
  • Create, sync, and organize your Notes, and use new High Sierra features to Pin a Note and Add a Table in Notes
  • Use Universal Clipboard to copy and paste between Macs
  • Share files instantly between Macs, iPhones, and iPads with AirDrop
  • Use iCloud Drive to collaborate with other users
  • Set up separate user accounts to allow multiple people to use the same Mac

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Table of contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Updates and More
    2. Finding System Preferences
    3. What’s New in Version 1.1
  2. Introduction
  3. What’s New in High Sierra?
    1. Cross-device Features
    2. System-wide Tools
    3. Apple Apps
    4. Fundamentals
  4. Discover the Little Things in High Sierra
    1. Save FaceTime Moments as Live Photos
    2. Peruse Mail’s Top Hits
    3. Compose New Mail Messages in Split Screen
    4. Add New References to Dictionary
  5. Say Hello to Siri
    1. Get Started
    2. Change Siri’s Voice or Language
    3. Find Files with Siri
    4. Work with System Preferences and Information
    5. Do Tasks with Apps
    6. Get Answers to Questions
    7. Ask Siri What You Can Ask
  6. Find Files and Facts with Spotlight
    1. Start a Search in Spotlight
    2. Preview Your Results
    3. Search Using Natural Language
    4. What Can You Find?
    5. Find (Just) Files Faster
    6. Omit Types of Results
    7. Exclude Files from Spotlight
    8. Protect Your Privacy
  7. Cut Clutter with App Tabs
    1. Create a New Tab
    2. Move between Tabs
    3. Move Files between Finder Tabs
    4. Turn Tabs into Windows
    5. Close Your Tabs
  8. Command the View
    1. Put Everything in Its Space
    2. Use Split View
  9. Keep Current with Notification Center
    1. Control Notifications’ Look
    2. Turn Off Notifications Temporarily
    3. Explore the Sidebar
  10. Update Your Safari Smarts
    1. Customize Safari Settings Site by Site
    2. Stop Advertisers from Tracking You
  11. Note Your Thoughts
    1. Sync Notes with All Your Devices
    2. Stay Organized with Folders
    3. Create a Note
    4. New! Pin a Note
    5. Format Text
    6. New! Add a Table
    7. Make a Checklist
    8. Attach Photos and More
    9. Lock a Note
    10. Share Notes with Others
    11. Search for Notes
    12. Browse Your Attachments
    13. Export and Share Notes
    14. Delete a Note
  12. Move Easily between Devices
    1. Check the Requirements
    2. Switch between Devices with Handoff
    3. Copy and Paste between Devices with Universal Clipboard
    4. Turn Your Mac into a Speakerphone
    5. Unlock Your Mac with Your Apple Watch
  13. Move Big Files with AirDrop (and more)
    1. AirDrop Requirements
    2. Turn On Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    3. Make Devices Discoverable
    4. Send a File
    5. When in Doubt: Try Other Methods
  14. Navigate iCloud Drive
    1. Work with iCloud
    2. New! Share Files Using iCloud Drive
  15. Manage Your Storage
    1. Store in iCloud
    2. Optimize Storage
    3. Empty Trash Automatically
    4. Reduce Clutter
  16. Use iCloud Family Sharing
    1. Set Up Family Sharing
    2. New! Access Options in the Manage Family Pane
    3. Share Family Reminders
    4. Share a Family Calendar
    5. Share a Family Photo Album
    6. Stop Family Sharing
    7. Transfer a Child to Another Family
  17. Avoid Problems with User Accounts
    1. Know Your Accounts
    2. Welcome Visitors to the Guest Account
    3. Create Managed Accounts for Kids and Novices
    4. Create a Troubleshooting Account
  18. Troubleshoot Mac Problems
    1. Zap a Frozen App
    2. Solve Slowdowns
    3. Tame Troubled Startups
    4. Try Disk Utility’s First Aid
    5. Turn to macOS Recovery
    6. Erase and Reinstall High Sierra
  19. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. About the Publisher
  20. Copyright and Fine Print

Product information

  • Title: Take Control of High Sierra
  • Author(s): Scholle McFarland
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Take Control Books
  • ISBN: 9781947282063