Where Are You Headed? The Importance of a Marketing Plan

“Road trip!” There was a day when those words would elicit great excitement and anticipation in most of us. But as we’ve matured, the idea of throwing a toothbrush and bathing suit in a bag and jumping in the car with some recent acquaintances isn’t quite as appealing.

Although throwing some caution to the wind might sound appealing, we all know that a good road trip or family vacation takes a huge amount of actual planning. First, where do you want to go? What do you want to see along the way and when you finally get to your destination? What clothing will you need for the weather where you’ll be? Does it make more sense to drive or fly, and which option will cost you less or be more fun? Who are you taking with you? Is this a romantic getaway for you and your spouse or a trip where the kids come along? How long will you be gone and who will take care of the pets and mail while you’re away?

Spontaneity sounds sexy, but ultimately we all know that proper planning is important. This goes for most things in our lives really. You wouldn’t buy a house without looking into the neighborhood, insisting on an inspection, and assessing whether it will fit your family’s needs. Your car purchase involves much more than going to the lot and plopping down some cash. For most people the process includes online research, talking to friends and family, and looking at the interest rates you can get on a car loan. You even plan your ...

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