Chapter 8. Tricks, Tips, and Techniques for Advanced Users

Dig deeper, drill down, discover new ways to make your life easier. That’s what advanced users do everyday. I will help you do a few things and hope to point you in a direction that will take you to even more interesting discoveries. And when you do, please send a note so I can share it with the other readers at

Hang on, and you will find some interesting ideas. Some may even solve problems you didn’t know you had. Believe me, solved problems are the best ones to find.

If Internet Telephony stirs your blood, and this book merely serves to tease you with the amazing possibilities exploding in the next two years, this chapter will make your yearning worse. Read about some techniques for seriously advanced users. You can even start your own telephone network.

Adding Phone Extensions by Rewiring or Other Options

When I tell people their existing telephone wiring will not work with their new broadband phone, they always react the same way: despair. People expect phone extensions to work because they always have. When they purchase broadband phones, they just assume the new phones will act exactly like their old phones.

Oops, that fine print got us again. The good news? You have options. Some are free, some cost a little, some cost a lot, but you still have options.

The bad news? Most of these options costs money, and one reason many people switch to broadband phones is to save money.

Remember that many broadband ...

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