Chapter 20

Be Clear on Your Own Value Proposition

A successful random encounter will benefit both parties. In fact, the more you demonstrate what (and sometimes who) you have to offer, the more likely the other party will want to associate with you. You will often be the one who reaps the most from the connection you make, at least at first. You may come away from the conversation with a name, an insight, a key piece of information, a chance to make a proposal, or even a sale itself. And although it’s impossible to predict what you will get from a random conversation, successful random connectors know they have to bring value to the conversation if they are going to create credibility. They also know what that value is (see Table 20.1). They are confident and self-assured about what they know and have to offer. This is why it’s essential to be clear in your own mind about your value proposition; it will help build your credibility in the eyes of your burgeoning connection.

Table 20.1 Ways to Describe What You Do That Build Credibility, Engage, Compel, and Get the Other Person to Want to Do Business With You

Descriptions That Don’t Create Perceived Value Descriptions That Create High Levels of Perceived Value
I’m a mechanical engineer. I build systems that result in greater efficiency for manufacturing plants.
I’m a Realtor. I help people sell their houses quickly, at the highest possible market rate.
I’m an organizational development consultant. I show companies how ...

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