Chapter 12. Endless questioning

About Endless questioning

About Endless questioning

What's more, it is a time-sensitive process. Another company has already contracted to take over your firm's old digs. At the end of the month, you have to be in your new space or you'll be out on the street.

So far, your biggest problem is not the logistics of the move, but the constant interrogation from your Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT). Some days, it seems you spend half your time answering her questions:

  • Where will my office be in the new building?

  • What day is the move again?

  • What is the view from my new office window?

  • What day will I have to move my stuff?

  • Is there same-day dry cleaning nearby?

  • Where will the coffee machine be located?

  • Are you sure we'll move that day?

  • Where's the closest car rental place?

The questions are constant. Sometimes, your TOT sends e-mails:

Hi. Has anyone alerted our vending machine supply man? Because even a few days without microwave popcorn will be bad for morale. Can someone follow up on this, pronto, and confirm that the popcorn will be there on Monday ... in writing? And are you at the new offices now? Anyway, let me know. Thanks.

Sometimes, she sends voice mails:

Hi ... got a few questions. Will I get a new office chair when we move and will it recline? Did you make sure you kept the space plan locked up, and when can I see it? Oh ... did our staff get our fair share of space? In fact, how many cubes ...

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