A Current-based Approach to Wave Reflection Suppression in AC Drives Fed through Long Cables

Alessandro de Rinaldis

Université Paris 11, LSS-Supélec, 3 rue Joliot-Curie 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette cedex, France derinaldis@lss.supelec.fr

ABSTRACT. This paper is focused on giving an alternative compensation scheme for wave reflections in long cable AC drives interconnections. In our previous works, e.g., [ORT 04, RIN 05c], we presented a framework for the design of feed-back controllers (without prior knowledge of the load parameters) acting on a hybrid active filter placed on the inverter side and significantly improving the transient performances of the whole system. Because of the switching frequency limitations induced by hybrid active filters (10kH), it turns out that the implementation of the previous schemes can not be achieved at the moment by this technology. In order to cope with this drawback, we first show that if the system parameters are known, we can obtain the same (improved)performances induced by the feed-back controllers cited above just using a regulated current source placed in shunt. Second, we approximate the action of the compensator by replacing it with Switched-Shunt Resistors (SSR). We conclude our work comparing the simulation results with the experiments we did on a low-power benchmark.

KEYWORDS: Overvoltage, AC drives, Active filters, Wave reflections

Notation We define the differentiation and advance-delay operators, acting on signals , as and , respectively, ...

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