Dynamic Optimization of Nonlinear Bioreactors

María-Sonia G. García — Eva Balsa-Canto — Antonio A. Alonso — Julio R. Banga

Process Engineering Group

IIM-CSIC (Spanish Council for Scientific Research)

Eduardo Cabello, 6, 36208 Vigo (Spain)





ABSTRACT: In this contribution we study a set of dynamic optimization problems of fed-batch bioreactors. On account of the highly nonlinear dynamic models of the bioprocesses involved, the solution of the corresponding optimal control problems becomes a challenging task.

Basically the dynamic optimization consists of calculating the optimal operating policies, usually the time-varying feed rates, to optimize a certain index. In this regard we apply the novel MATLAB toolbox NDOT, which combines the control vector parameterization approach with local and global nonlinear programming solvers and suitable dynamic simulation methods in order to solve in a robust and efficient way complex problems.

KEYWORDS: bioreactor optimization, dynamic optimization, optimal control, fed-batch bioreactors

1. Introduction

Fed-batch bioreactors have received great attention during the last decades. Many efforts have been taken to improve the productivity and performance of the associated bioprocesses. In this field the use of computer aided tools (simulation, optimization and control) has considerably increased, particularly the application of dynamic optimization (Rani et al., 1999; Banga ...

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