Chapter 8

Fully Enjoy Your Profits from Stocks

Rich and Healthy or Rich with Pain

Treat investment as a way of life, not merely as a separate project.

A. Manage Your Investment Lifestyle and Health Simultaneously

Investment should not be a stop-and-go activity. A good analogy would be going on a diet. Presumably, a good diet should not be simply a fad. A good investment style should be ongoing as a way of life if it is to be truly successful over the long term. If you have ever embarked on a diet, you can draw your own conclusions, whether you wish your results to be long term or just short term.

Most effective diets have been promoted as being a change in a person’s lifestyle, not just a project. This applies also to investments.

B. Swap Poor Health for Big Money

You can exchange poor health for good investment results. I have known friends who have been successful in investments from time to time. But to achieve those investment gains, they suffer from poor appetite and sleepless nights, even ruining their health permanently in the process.

Let us examine some individuals’ lifestyles as they are affected by their stock investments. Most investors are so overpowered by their need to know the latest developments in the investment world that they are constantly anxious about missing the latest news. Thus, every day in the week (including weekends) and throughout the day (including meal times) they nervously rush to learn the latest from their TVs or eagerly pump their friends for ...

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