Tangle-Inspired Botanicals

Book description

In Tangle-inspired Botanicals, author and artist Sharla Hicks guides you in exploring and developing your own style of botanical, landscapes, lush foliage, and mixed-media color enhancers.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Set the Stage: Ergonomics of Drawing
    2. Helpful Vocabulary
    3. Pens and Paper
  2. CHAPTER 1 Find Your Rhythm with the Dancing Duo: Logic and Intuition Explore Botanical Lines, Strokes, and Patterns
    1. Introduction The Tango of Expressive Botanicals
    2. Lesson 1 Repetitive Pattern: The Dance between Logic and Intuition
    3. Lesson 2 Find Rhythm in the Strokes: The Counting Exercise
    4. Lesson 3 The Line Dance: Bow to Intuition
    5. Lesson 4 The Shape Dance: Bow to Logic
    6. Lesson 5 The Team Dance: Define and Refine
    7. Lesson 6 Invite Curves to the Line Dance
    8. Lesson 7 Is the Dance Over? Time to Stop?
    9. Lesson 8 The Tripoli Dance
    10. Lesson 9 Glide Through S and C Curves: Point, Hook, and Spiral
  3. CHAPTER 2 Working in a Series: Blending Tangles with Expressive Line
    1. Introduction What Is a Series?
    2. Lesson 10 Expression in Nature: The Essence of the Undulating Line
    3. Lesson 11 Expressive Partners: Pen Marks and Weighted Lines
    4. Lesson 12 The Line Equalizer: Shade, Shadow, and Dimension
    5. Lesson 13 The Jazz Dance: The Undulating Zigzag
    6. Lesson 14 Verdigogh’s Partner: The Expressive Line
    7. Lesson 15 The Mooka Botanical Dance: Form a Hook and Cross Under
    8. Lesson 16 Magical Pens and New Backgrounds Partner with Expressive Line
    9. Lesson 17 Expressive Guidelines Partner with Verdigogh and Mooka
  4. CHAPTER 3 The Alchemy of Texture and Line Embellishment
    1. Introduction The More is More Factor: Natural Textures and Patterns in Nature Offer Inspiration
    2. Lesson 18 The Heavy Lifters: Blackout, the Background, the Frame
    3. Lesson 19 The Implied Frame Engages the Audience
    4. Lesson 20 Circles, Orbs, Pearls
    5. Lesson 21 The Double, Triple, Quadruple Outline
    6. Lesson 22 The Stripe
    7. Lesson 23 Checks, Checkerboards, Grids
    8. Lesson 24 Teeny Tiny Betweens and Intentional Intuition
    9. Lesson 25 Shapes and Strokes Dance with the Daisy-esque Posy
    10. Lesson 26 The Petals Dance with Variation and Exaggeration
  5. CHAPTER 4 Adding Expression Through Shade, Shadow, and Highlights
    1. Introduction Shade and Shadow in Nature
    2. Lesson 27 Shading Tools and Tips
    3. Lesson 28 The Pencil Partners with Expressive Line, the Outline, and Blue Pastel
    4. Lesson 29 The Circle and the Leaf Meet Pillow Shading and Cast Shadow
    5. Lesson 30 Shading Dances with Undulating Line and Overlapping Shapes
    6. Lesson 31 Grounded Landscape Shading Partners with Verdigogh and Mooka
    7. Lesson 32 Black Backgrounds Partner with Shading and Highlights
    8. Lesson 33 Neutral Backgrounds Partner with Pen Line, Shading, and Highlights
    9. Lesson 34 Bring Color, Shading, and Highlights to the Botanical Dance
    10. Lesson 35 Reeds & Weeds Meets Color and the Grounded Landscape Reeds & Weeds Meets Color and the Grounded Landscape
    11. Lesson 36 Pulling It All Together
  6. Final Words of Advice
  7. Artist Contributors
  8. About the Author
  9. Acknowledgments

Product information

  • Title: Tangle-Inspired Botanicals
  • Author(s): Sharla R. Hicks
  • Release date: July 2017
  • Publisher(s): Quarry Books
  • ISBN: 9781631594267