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Targeting A Great Career

Book Description

TARGETING A GREAT CAREER helps you identify your dream career, and then improve your career, find new employment or consulting work that's right for you, start your own business, or figure out what you want to do during retirement. Then we'll help you make that dream specific, and figure out step by step how you can achieve it. TARGETING A GREAT CAREER is filled with strategies and tips that can help you develop your career targets, become in industry insider, discover new opportunities that you never thought of before, and plan and organize your entire campaign to make it happen. TARGETING A GREAT CAREER is filled with exercises that let you picture what you want your life to be like in the future and what you can do today to make your dreams come true.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. PART ONE The Changing Job Market: How It Works Today
    1. You and the New Job Market
    2. How to Change Careers
    3. Job Hunting versus Career Planning
    4. Targeting the Jobs of the Future
    5. Learning to Track Trends and Move into a New Market
    6. Case Studies: Targeting the Future
    7. What Longevity Means to Your Career
  8. PART TWO Deciding What You Want: Start by Understanding Yourself
    1. How to Find Your Place in the World
    2. How to Decide What You Want
    3. Deciding What You Want: Selecting Your Job Targets
    4. Exercises to Analyze Your Past and Present: The Seven Stories Exercise
  9. PART THREE How to Select Your Job Targets: Brainstorming Possible Jobs
    1. Brainstorming Possible Jobs Worksheet
    2. Case Study: Chiron—Finding a Future
    3. Having a Balanced Life
    4. What You Can Do in Your Present Situation
    5. Life Takes Time
    6. How to Decide What You Want to Offer
    7. How to Target the Job You Want
    8. Preliminary Target Investigation: Jobs/Industries Worth Exploring
    9. Targeting: The Start of an Organized Search
    10. Ready for the Next Step
    11. Researching Your Job Targets
  10. PART FOUR How to Manage Your Future
    1. New Shapes in Careers: How to Repackage the Work You Want to Do
    2. A Reminder of Some Basic Career Principles
    3. How to Keep Your Life Course in Mind
    4. Congratulations!
  11. PART FIVE The Five O’Clock Club Approach to Job Search
    1. An Overview of The Five O’Clock Club Process.
    2. Getting Lots of Meetings
    3. Job-Search Campaign Management
    4. The Stages of Your Search
  12. PART SIX What Is The Five O’Clock Club
    1. How to Join the Club
    2. Questions You May Have about the Weekly Job-Search Strategy Group
    3. When Your Employer Pays
    4. The Way We Are
    5. Lexicon Used at The Five O’Clock Club
    6. Membership Application
  13. Index
  14. About the Author