Learning Tclkit

Tclkit is another piece of technology without which our puzzle can't be completed. Basically, it is a single executable file that contains inside it a normal Tcl interpreter along with a set of extensions, such as:

  • Tk—for graphic interfaces
  • IncrTcl—for object-oriented programming—currently, it is an optional part of TclKit
  • TclVFS—the virtual file system, explained earlier; Tclkit contains drivers only for ZIP and MetaKit
  • Metakit—this was also explained earlier

The beauty and power of Tclkit comes from fact that it does not require installation, and that it is supported on a wide set of platforms, including:

  • AIX
  • FreeBSD
  • various distribution of Linux on architectures including x86, PowerPC, S/390 and others
  • HPUX
  • IRIX
  • MacOS Classic and MacOS ...

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