Chapter 21

Relishing More Meaty Security

In This Chapter

Protocols in this chapter: Kerberos, IPSec, NTP, IPv4, IPv6, AES, SSL, TLS

Working with authentication and advanced authentication with AES

Working with digital certificates and signatures

Making authentication and encryption easier with IPSec

Playing with Kerberos — woof!

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has been collecting statistics on computer security since 1988, when it reported six incidents. CERT statistics include incidents such as denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, attacks by malicious insiders on intranets, and viruses and Trojan horses. One incident may involve one site or thousands of sites. CERT reported 3,734 incidents in 1998 and 43,136 in the first half of 2002. These statistics certainly raise security consciousness.

In the first three quarters of 2008, the organization cataloged 6,058 new vulnerabilities. Though CERT doesn’t report statistics any more, it remains useful because it still identifies and addresses threats.

Tip.eps Visit to see CERT historical incident statistics as well as links to other security information that CERT collects.

security.eps You snack on security all through this book — check out how many security icons are used! This whole chapter is about security, so rather than ...

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