Appendix B. A gated Reference

This appendix covers the syntax of the gated command and the gated configuration language for Gated 3.6—the publicly available version of gated. As a reference to the gated configuration language, this appendix stands on its own. But to fully understand how to configure gated, use this reference in conjunction with the sample configuration files in Chapter 7.

gated is constantly being improved. As it is upgraded, the command language changes. Refer to the latest manpages for the most recent information about gated.

The gated Command

The syntax of the gated command is:

gated [-v] [-c] [-C] [-n] [-N] [-t trace_options] [-f config_file] [trace_file]

The -c and -n command-line options debug the routing configuration file without impacting the network or the kernel routing table. Frequently, these debugging options are used with a test configuration identified by the -f config_file option:


Tells gated to read the configuration file and check for syntax errors. When gated finishes reading the configuration file, it produces a snapshot of its status and then terminates. It writes the snapshot to /usr/tmp/gated_dump. Running gated with the -c option does not require superuser privileges, and it is not necessary to terminate the active gated process.


Checks the configuration file for syntax errors. gated exits with a status 1 if there are errors and 0 if there are none. Because this provides exit status, it is useful for script files.


Tells gated not to update ...

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