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Teach Your Kids to Code: Basic Concepts with Turtle Graphics in Python

Video Description

Turtle graphics have been teaching kids basic coding concepts since the creation of the Logo language in the late 1960's. The Turtle module in Python carries the turtle tradition into the 21st century and makes turtle programming easy and accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux and more.Turtle graphics in Python are a great way to introduce kids to coding, staring with short programs of just five to ten lines of code that draw beautiful, colorful shapes that kids can create and modify as they learn. In his new book, Teach Your Kids to Code, Bryson Payne shares some of the programs he began using with his own sons when they were two and four years old, all the way through fully interactive games he uses in his freshman-level college courses.In this webcast, you will learn:How to code turtle graphics in PythonHow to engage children from pre-K through college with short, interactive, visual programs for every age levelHow to build on more advanced programming concepts using turtle graphics as a foundation