Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac Mini

Book Description

The perfect how-to guide for visual learners

Apple s Mac Mini packs a powerful punch is in a small package, including both HDMI and Thunderbolt ports plus the acclaimed OS X. But if you want to get the very most from all this power and versatility, be sure to get this practical visual guide. With full-color, step-by-step instructions as well as screenshots and illustrations on every page, it clearly shows you how to accomplish tasks rather than burying you in pages of text.

Discover helpful visuals and how-tos on the OS, hardware specs, Launchpad, the App Store, multimedia capabilities (such as connecting your Mac Mini to your HDTV and using it as a media center) and more.

  • Helps Mac Mini users get up to speed quickly on the latest and best features, including the major features of the OS X operating system and the new Thunderbolt and HDMI ports

  • Teaches practical techniques using easy-to-follow, step-by-step visuals and brief explanations

  • Features full-color screen shots on every page

  • Covers OS and hardware basics as well as the Launchpad, the App Store, media center capabilities, maintenance, and troubleshooting

  • Helps you surf the web with Safari, organize movies and music in iTunes, take advantage of home theater capabilities, and configure your system for optimum use.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac Mini helps you get big results out of your Mac Mini.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Chapter 1 Getting Started with Your Mac mini
    1. Choose the Best Mac mini Model for You
    2. Choose Hardware for Your Mac mini
    3. Connect Your Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Speakers
    4. Set Up Your Mac mini and Create Your iCloud Account
    5. Set Up Your Mac mini and Create Your iCloud Account (continued)
    6. Start Your Mac mini and Log In
    7. Connect Your Mac mini to the Internet
    8. Connect Your Mac mini to a Wired Network
    9. Connect Your Mac mini to a Wireless Network
    10. Connect a Printer to Your Mac mini
    11. Connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Your Mac mini
    12. Connect a SuperDrive to Your Mac mini
    13. Give Commands Using the Menu Bar and Toolbar
    14. Open and Close Windows
    15. Minimize and Hide Windows
    16. Put Your Mac mini to Sleep
    17. Wake Your Mac mini Up Again
    18. Log Out, Shut Down, and Resume
  5. Chapter 2 Sharing Your Mac mini with Others
    1. Create Another User Account
    2. Configure Your Mac mini for Multiple Users
    3. Switch Among Accounts with Fast User Switching
    4. Turn On Parental Controls for an Account
    5. Choose What Applications a User Can Run
    6. Prevent a User from Seeing Inappropriate Web Content
    7. Choose Whom a User Can Email and Chat With
    8. Limit the Times Someone Can Use the Mac mini
    9. Learn What Actions a Managed User Has Taken
  6. Chapter 3 Running Applications
    1. Open and Close an Application
    2. Install an Application from the App Store
    3. Install an Application from a CD, DVD, or Downloaded File
    4. Run an Application Full Screen
    5. Switch Quickly to Other Applications
    6. Switch Applications Using Mission Control
    7. Uninstall Applications You No Longer Need
    8. Save Documents to iCloud
    9. Share Files with Others Using Share Sheets
    10. Keep on Top of Your Alerts with Notification Center
  7. Chapter 4 Managing Your Files and Folders
    1. Find Your Way around Your Mac mini’s File System
    2. Using the Finder’s Four Views Effectively
    3. Look through a File without Opening It
    4. Search for a File or Folder You Need
    5. Create a New Folder
    6. Copy a File from One Folder to Another
    7. Move a File from One Folder to Another
    8. Create and Use Compressed Files
    9. Copy Files to or from a USB Drive
    10. Transfer Files Using AirDrop
    11. Burn Files to a CD or DVD
    12. Throw a File or Folder in the Trash
  8. Chapter 5 Surfing the Web
    1. Open and Close Safari
    2. Open a Web Page
    3. Open Multiple Web Pages at the Same Time
    4. Navigate from One Web Page to Another
    5. Return to a Web Page You Visited Recently
    6. Customize the Top Sites Screen for Quick Browsing
    7. Bookmark a Page You Want to Revisit
    8. Keep a Reading List of Web Pages
    9. Search for Websites
    10. Download a File from the Internet
    11. Secure Safari for Safe Browsing
  9. Chapter 6 Sending and Receiving Email
    1. Open and Close Apple Mail
    2. Add Your Email Accounts to Mail
    3. Send an Email Message
    4. Receive and Read Your Email Messages
    5. Reply to a Message
    6. Forward a Message to Someone Else
    7. Send a File via Email
    8. Receive a File via Email
    9. Read Email Messages Quickly in Conversations
    10. Reduce the Amount of Spam You Receive
  10. Chapter 7 Chatting with Messages and FaceTime
    1. Open, Set Up, and Close Messages
    2. Add Someone to Your Buddy List
    3. Chat with a Buddy Using Text
    4. Chat with a Buddy Using Audio and Video
    5. Send and Receive Files via Messages
    6. Open, Set Up, and Close FaceTime
    7. Make and Receive FaceTime Calls
  11. Chapter 8 Organizing Your Work Life
    1. Open and Close Calendar
    2. Find Your Way around the Calendar
    3. Create a New Calendar
    4. Create an Appointment
    5. Share Your Calendar with Other People
    6. Open and Close Contacts
    7. Add a Contact to Your Contacts
    8. Change the Information for a Contact
    9. Keep Track of Tasks with Reminders
    10. Create Notes
  12. Chapter 9 Enjoying Music, Video, and DVDs
    1. Connect Your Mac mini to Your Stereo or TV
    2. Mirror Your Mac mini’s Display on Your Apple TV via AirPlay
    3. Open and Close iTunes
    4. Add Your CDs and Songs to the iTunes Library
    5. Set Up Home Sharing
    6. Set Up iTunes Match
    7. Play Songs
    8. Play Videos
    9. Create Playlists of Songs You Like
    10. Have iTunes Create Smart Playlists for You
    11. Burn an Audio CD Containing Songs
    12. Listen to Radio Stations over the Internet
    13. Enjoy Podcasts
    14. Watch a DVD
    15. Sign Up for Game Center
    16. Play Games with Game Center
  13. Chapter 10 Making the Most of Your Photos
    1. Open and Close iPhoto
    2. Import Photos from Your Digital Camera, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    3. Browse through Your Photos
    4. Crop a Photo to the Right Size
    5. Rotate or Straighten a Photo
    6. Remove Red Eye from a Photo
    7. Improve the Colors in a Photo
    8. Add an Effect to a Photo
    9. Sort Your Photos into Events
    10. Sort Your Photos by Places
    11. Create Photo Albums and Smart Albums
    12. Identify Faces in Your Photos
    13. Send a Photo via Email
  14. Chapter 11 Customizing Your Mac mini
    1. Change the Desktop Background
    2. Set Up a Screen Saver
    3. Rearrange the Icons on the Dock
    4. Create and Remove Extra Desktop Spaces
    5. Set Up Hot Corners to Run Mission Control Easily
    6. Make the Keyboard and Mouse or Trackpad Easier to Use
    7. Make the Screen Easier to See
    8. Run an Application Each Time You Log In
    9. Set Your Mac mini to Put Itself to Sleep When Unused
  15. Chapter 12 Working on a Network
    1. Connect to a Windows Domain
    2. Connect to an OS X Network
    3. Connect via VPN
    4. Connect to a Shared Folder
    5. Connect to a Shared Printer
  16. Chapter 13 Protecting Your Mac mini and Your Data
    1. Understanding Threats to Your Mac mini and Your Data
    2. Control Which Apps Can Be Installed with Gatekeeper
    3. Choose and Install Antivirus Software
    4. Scan Your Mac mini and Remove Viruses
    5. Turn On the Firewall and Tighten Its Security
    6. Identify Phishing Messages
    7. Back Up Your Mac mini
    8. Recover Your Files from Backup
  17. Chapter 14 Troubleshooting Your Mac mini
    1. Install the Latest Updates
    2. Add RAM to Your Mac mini
    3. Connect an External Drive to Your Mac mini
    4. Recover Hard Drive Space by Emptying the Trash
    5. See Which Application Is Causing OS X Problems
    6. Force a Frozen Application to Quit
    7. Go Back to an Earlier Version of a Document
    8. Recover When OS X Crashes
    9. Solve Problems with Corrupt Preference Files
    10. Troubleshoot Disk Permission Errors
    11. Repair Your Mac mini’s Hard Drive
    12. Recover Using Local Recovery or Internet Recovery

Product Information

  • Title: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac Mini
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Visual
  • ISBN: 9781118374870