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Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 6s, 3rd Edition

Book Description

A visual guide to the iPhone—now fully updated

If you are a visual learner, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone, 3rd Edition is the book for you with 500 full-color screenshots that clearly illustrate all the features your iPhone has to offer. Get the most from your iPhone, whether you're a beginner or an iPhone enthusiast who's learning the latest features, this easily accessible guide provides visually rich tutorials and step-by-step instructions that will help you unlock all your device has to offer.

  • Learn the latest features of iOS
  • Master the basic functions of your iPhone and customize your settings
  • Ensure you're getting optimal performance from your iPhone
  • Find the best apps and services to fit your personal and business needs

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Your iPhone
      1. Take a Look at the iPhone Models
      2. Meet Your iPhone’s Hardware Controls
      3. Download, Install, and Set Up iTunes
      4. Begin Setup and Activate Your iPhone
      5. Set Up Your iPhone as New Using iCloud
      6. Set Up Your iPhone from an iCloud Backup
      7. Set Up Your iPhone from iTunes
      8. Choose Which Items to Sync from Your Computer
      9. Sync Your iPhone with iTunes via Wi-Fi
      10. Explore the Interface and Launch Apps
      11. Using Notification Center
      12. Using Control Center
      13. Using the Reachability Feature
    3. Chapter 2: Personalizing Your iPhone
      1. Find the Settings You Need
      2. Choose Which iCloud Items to Sync
      3. Choose Which Apps Can Give Notifications
      4. Choose Sounds Settings
      5. Set Display Brightness and Wallpapers
      6. Choose Privacy and Location Settings
      7. Configure and Use Spotlight Search
      8. Choose Locking and Control Center Settings
      9. Set Up and Use Do Not Disturb Mode
      10. Secure Your iPhone with Touch ID or a Passcode
      11. Configure Restrictions and Parental Controls
      12. Set Up Family Sharing
      13. Add Family Members to Family Sharing
      14. Choose Date, Time, and International Settings
    4. Chapter 3: Using Voice, Accessibility, and Continuity
      1. Give Commands with Siri
      2. Dictate Text Using Siri
      3. Gather and Share Information with Siri
      4. Configure Siri to Work Your Way
      5. Set Up VoiceOver to Identify Items On-Screen
      6. Configure Other Accessibility Features
      7. Using Your iPhone with Your Mac
      8. Using Your iPhone with Your Apple Watch
    5. Chapter 4: Setting Up Communications
      1. Set Up Your Mail Accounts
      2. Control How Your E-Mail Appears
      3. Organize Your E-Mail Messages by Threads
      4. Set Your Default E-Mail Account
      5. Control How Your Contacts Appear
      6. Import Contacts from a SIM Card
      7. Choose Default Alert Options for Calendar Events
      8. Choose Your Default Calendar and Time Zone
      9. Set Up and Use Wallet and Apple Pay
    6. Chapter 5: Making Calls and Messaging
      1. Make Phone Calls
      2. Using a Wireless Headset or Car Kit
      3. Mute a Call or Put a Call on Hold
      4. Make a Conference Call
      5. Save Time with Call Favorites and Recents
      6. Send Text and Multimedia Messages
      7. Manage Your Instant Messages
      8. Chat Face-to-Face Using FaceTime
    7. Chapter 6: Networking and Social Networking
      1. Using Airplane Mode
      2. Monitor Your Cellular Network Usage
      3. Control Cellular Data and Background Refresh
      4. Connect Your iPhone to a Different Carrier
      5. Turn Data Roaming On or Off
      6. Connect Bluetooth Devices to Your iPhone
      7. Share Items via AirDrop
      8. Share Internet Access via Personal Hotspot
      9. Connect to Wi-Fi Networks and Hotspots
      10. Set Up Your Social Network Accounts
      11. Share Your Updates Using Twitter
      12. Post Updates on Facebook
      13. Sign In to Game Center
      14. Add and Play Games with Game Center
      15. Add Friends and Play Games with Them
    8. Chapter 7: Working with Apps
      1. Customize the Home Screen
      2. Organize Apps with Folders
      3. Switch Quickly from One App to Another
      4. Find Apps on the App Store
      5. Update and Remove Apps
      6. Cut, Copy, and Paste Text
      7. Bold, Italicize, Underline, and Replace Text
      8. Take Notes
    9. Chapter 8: Browsing the Web and E-Mailing
      1. Browse the Web with Safari
      2. Access Websites Quickly with Bookmarks
      3. Create Bookmarks
      4. Keep a Reading List of Web Pages
      5. Share Web Pages with Others
      6. Navigate Among Open Web Pages Using Tabs
      7. Tighten Up Safari’s Security
      8. Read E-Mail
      9. Reply To or Forward an E-Mail Message
      10. Organize Your Messages in Mailbox Folders
      11. Write and Send E-Mail Messages
    10. Chapter 9: Keeping Your Life Organized
      1. Browse or Search for Contacts
      2. Create a New Contact
      3. Browse Existing Events in Your Calendars
      4. Create New Events in Your Calendars
      5. Work with Calendar Invitations
      6. Track Your Commitments with Reminders
      7. Keep Cards and Tickets at Hand with Wallet
      8. Get Your Bearings with Compass
      9. Find Your Location with Maps
      10. Find Directions with Maps
      11. Explore with 3D Flyover
      12. Using Maps’ Favorites and Contacts
      13. Track Stock Prices with the Stocks App
      14. Using the Clock App
      15. Look Up Weather Forecasts
      16. Using the Health App
    11. Chapter 10: Enjoying Music, Videos, and Books
      1. Navigate the Music App and Set Preferences
      2. Play Music Using the Music App
      3. Play Videos Using the Videos App
      4. Play Music and Videos Using AirPlay
      5. Create a Music Playlist
      6. Listen to iTunes Radio
      7. Watch Podcasts and iTunes U Lectures
      8. Read Digital Books with iBooks
    12. Chapter 11: Working with Photos and Video
      1. Take Photos with the Camera App
      2. Take Timed, Square, and Panorama Photos
      3. Apply Filters to Your Photos
      4. Edit Your Photos
      5. Capture Video
      6. Edit Video with the Trim Feature
      7. Share Your Photos and Videos
      8. Browse Photos Using Years, Collections, and Moments
      9. Browse Photos Using iCloud Photo Sharing
      10. Browse Photos Using Albums
      11. Upload Your Photos to iCloud
      12. Share Photos with Other People via iCloud
      13. Share Photos via E-Mail and Instant Messaging
      14. Play Slide Shows of Photos
    13. Chapter 12: Advanced Features and Troubleshooting
      1. Connect to a Network via VPN
      2. Connect Your iPhone to Exchange Server
      3. Update Your iPhone’s Software
      4. Extend Your iPhone’s Runtime on the Battery
      5. Back Up and Restore Using Your Computer
      6. Back Up and Restore Using iCloud
      7. Reset Your iPhone’s Settings
      8. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connections
      9. Locate Your iPhone with Find My iPhone
    14. End User License Agreement