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Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad, 6th Edition

Book Description

Learn the basics and beyond with this visual guide to the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad is a clear, concise, image-rich guide to getting the most out of your iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro running iOS 11. Designed to quickly get you the answers you need, it cuts to the chase by skipping the long-winded explanations and breaking each task down into bite-sized pieces. You'll find step-by-step instruction for everything from the initial setup to working with key features, plus troubleshooting advice that can help you avoid a trip to the Apple Genius Bar. Helpful sidebars highlight tips and tricks that get things done faster, and plenty of full-color screenshots help you visualize the lesson at hand.

Exploring your iPad on your own is fun, but you'll miss some of the lesser-known features that help make the iPad the superior device it is. This guide provides a visual tour that helps new users will learn how to take advantage of all the iPad has to offer, and experienced users will discover techniques to streamline everyday tasks.

*      Customize your iPad and connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

*      Access music, videos, games, photos, books, and apps

*      Set up your e-mail, browse the Web, and manage social media

*      Troubleshoot and fix minor issues that arise

Now that you have this coveted device in your hands, you want to use every feature and maximize every capability—and Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad helps you do just that, walking you through each step in the iPad experience.

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Your iPad
      1. Identify and Compare the iPad Models
      2. Meet Your iPad’s Controls
      3. Download, Install, and Set Up iTunes
      4. Begin Setup and Activate Your iPad
      5. Set Up Your iPad as New Using iCloud
      6. Set Up Your iPad from an iCloud Backup
      7. Set Up Your iPad Using iTunes
      8. Choose Which Items to Sync from Your Computer
      9. Sync Your iPad with Your Computer via Wi-Fi
      10. Explore the Interface and Launch Apps
      11. Using Cover Sheet and Today View
      12. Using Control Center
      13. Using the Dock
    3. Chapter 2: Personalizing Your iPad
      1. Find the Settings You Need
      2. Set Up and Configure iCloud
      3. Choose Which Apps Can Give Notifications
      4. Choose Sounds Settings
      5. Configure Display, Brightness, and Night Shift
      6. Set Home Screen and Lock Screen Wallpaper
      7. Choose Privacy and Location Settings
      8. Configure Search and Find What You Need
      9. Choose Locking and Control Center Settings
      10. Set Up and Use Do Not Disturb Mode
      11. Secure Your iPad with Touch ID or a Passcode
      12. Configure Restrictions and Parental Controls
      13. Set Up Family Sharing and Add Members
      14. Choose Date, Time, and Region Settings
    4. Chapter 3: Working with Voice and Accessibility
      1. Give Commands with Siri
      2. Dictate Text Using Siri
      3. Gather and Share Information with Siri
      4. Configure Siri to Work Your Way
      5. Using VoiceOver to Identify Items On-Screen
      6. Configure Other Accessibility Features
      7. Using a Hardware Keyboard
      8. Using Your iPad with Your Mac
    5. Chapter 4: Setting Up Communications
      1. Set Up Your Mail Accounts
      2. Set Up an Exchange Server Account
      3. Set Your Default Account and Create Signatures
      4. Choose How Your iPad Gets Your E-Mail
      5. Control How Your iPad Displays Your E-Mail
      6. Organize Your E-Mail Messages by Threads
      7. Add People to the VIP Inbox
      8. Choose How Your iPad Displays Your Contacts
      9. Choose Alert Options for Calendar Events
      10. Choose Your Default Calendar and Time Zone
      11. Choose Settings for Notes
    6. Chapter 5: Networking and Communicating
      1. Using Airplane Mode
      2. Connect Bluetooth Devices to Your iPad
      3. Control Cellular Data and Background Refresh
      4. Connect Your iPad to a Different Carrier
      5. Specify Your iPad’s Cellular Access Point
      6. Share Items via AirDrop
      7. Share Your Cellular iPad’s Internet Access
      8. Connect to Wi-Fi Networks and Hotspots
      9. Connect to a Network via VPN
      10. Send Text and Multimedia Messages
      11. Using Emoji and Other iMessage Features
      12. Manage Your Instant Messages
      13. Mute a Conversation or Share Your Location
      14. Choose Settings for Messages
      15. Block and Unblock Senders
      16. Chat Face-to-Face Using FaceTime
    7. Chapter 6: Working with Apps and Files
      1. Customize the Home Screen and the Dock
      2. Organize Apps with Folders
      3. Switch Quickly from One App to Another
      4. Multitask with Split-Screen Views
      5. Find the Apps You Need
      6. Update and Remove Apps
      7. Manage Automatic Downloads and Your Apple ID
      8. Manage Files with the Files App
      9. Enter Text Quickly in Apps
      10. Cut, Copy, and Paste Text
      11. Bold, Italicize, Underline, and Replace Text
      12. Take Screenshots and Use Instant Markup
    8. Chapter 7: Browsing the Web and Sending E-Mail
      1. Browse the Web with Safari
      2. Access Websites Quickly with Bookmarks
      3. Create Bookmarks to Access Pages Quickly
      4. Keep a Reading List of Web Pages
      5. Fill In Forms Quickly with AutoFill
      6. Tighten Up Safari’s Security
      7. Read Your E-Mail Messages
      8. Reply To or Forward an E-Mail Message
      9. Organize Your Messages in Mailbox Folders
      10. Write and Send E-Mail Messages
      11. View Files Attached to Incoming Messages
    9. Chapter 8: Keeping Your Life Organized
      1. Browse or Search for Contacts
      2. Create a New Contact
      3. Share Contacts via E-Mail and Messages
      4. Browse Existing Events in Your Calendars
      5. Create New Events in Your Calendars
      6. Work with Calendar Invitations
      7. Track Your Commitments with Reminders
      8. Take Notes
      9. Find Your Location with the Maps App
      10. Find Directions with the Maps App
      11. Using the Maps App’s Favorites and Contacts
      12. Using the Clock App
      13. Using Apple Pay
    10. Chapter 9: Playing Music and Videos
      1. Navigate the Music App and Set Preferences
      2. Play Music Using the Music App
      3. Play Videos Using the TV App
      4. Play Music and Videos Using AirPlay
      5. Create a Music Playlist
      6. Configure iPad Audio Settings
      7. Listen to Apple Music Radio
    11. Chapter 10: Working with Photos and Books
      1. Browse Photos Using Years, Collections, and Moments
      2. Browse Shared Photos
      3. Browse Photos Using Albums
      4. Create Albums
      5. Share Photos Across Your Devices and Computers
      6. Share Photo Albums with Other People via iCloud
      7. Share and Use Your Photos
      8. Play Slide Shows of Photos
      9. Read Digital Books with iBooks
    12. Chapter 11: Taking Photos and Videos
      1. Take Photos with the Camera App
      2. Take HDR Photos and Square Photos
      3. Using the Self-Timer and the Grid
      4. Take Time-Lapse Movies
      5. Take Fun Photos with Photo Booth
      6. Crop, Rotate, and Straighten Photos
      7. Enhance Photos
      8. Reduce Red-Eye in Photos
      9. Adjust the Colors in Photos
      10. Apply Filters to Photos
      11. Capture Video
    13. Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Your iPad
      1. Close an App That Has Stopped Responding
      2. Update the Software on Your iPad
      3. Extend Your iPad’s Runtime on the Battery
      4. Back Up and Restore Your iPad Using iTunes
      5. Back Up and Restore Your iPad Using iCloud
      6. Restore the Operating System Using iTunes
      7. Restore Your iPad to Factory Settings
      8. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connections
      9. Locate Your iPad with Find My iPad
    14. End User License Agreement