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Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra

Book Description

Take a guided tour of macOS High Sierra and discover just how much your Mac can do

Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra is the perfect introduction to Apple's operating system. With clear, step-by-step instructions and plenty of rich visuals, it walks you through the new macOS High Sierra and demonstrates the essential tasks you need to know. You'll learn how to manipulate Preferences to customize your experience, make the most of your digital media, and streamline your workflow while having a little fun. You'll tour Photos, Messages, and Notifications, and get acquainted with Mission Control, the App Store, and Siri. New Mac users will appreciate the straightforward instruction, while veteran users will enjoy getting up to speed on the latest features introduced or upgraded in macOS High Sierra. 
 macOS High Sierra is the latest incarnation of Apple's macOS, boasting elegant new visuals, several new features, and more seamless integration of Mac and iOS devices. If you use a Mac, you're going to want a guided tour that shows you just what macOS can do for you. Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra is your go-to guide, from the fundamentals to the neat little tricks that make the Mac experience something far beyond computing.


 •   Edit and enhance photos with the powerful new tools on the Photos app

•    Browse the web safely with Safari's new privacy features  

•    Share files quickly and easily using iCloud Drive

•    Use Siri to accomplish more in less time

Like any computer, your Mac is a tool. And like any tool, the more you know about it, the more you get out of it. Discover the beauty, simplicity, and sheer functionality that millions already enjoy—and get ready to master your Mac with Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra.

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Chapter 1: Learning Basic macOS Tasks
      1. Start an Application
      2. Start an Application Using Launchpad
      3. Locate the Mouse Pointer
      4. Switch Between Applications
      5. View Running Applications with Mission Control
      6. Run an Application Full Screen
      7. Split the Screen with Two Applications
      8. Search Your Mac
      9. Voice-Operate Your Mac with Siri
      10. Save a Document
      11. Open a Document
      12. Print a Document
      13. Copy a File
      14. Move a File
      15. Rename a File
      16. Delete a File
      17. Open a Folder in a Tab
      18. Open a Document in a Tab
    3. Chapter 2: Browsing the Web
      1. Open a Web Page in a Tab
      2. Navigate Web Pages
      3. Navigate with the History List
      4. Change Your Home Page
      5. Bookmark Web Pages
      6. Pin a Web Page Tab
      7. Set the Default Zoom Level for a Website
      8. Mute a Web Page Tab
      9. Control Automatic Media Playback for a Website
      10. Display a Web Page Video as Picture-in-Picture
      11. Search for Sites
      12. Download a File
      13. View a Page Without Distracting Features
      14. Create a Web Page Reading List
    4. Chapter 3: Communicating via Email
      1. Add an Email Account
      2. Send an Email Message
      3. Add a File Attachment
      4. Add a Signature Block
      5. Receive and Read Email Messages
      6. Reply to a Message
      7. Forward a Message
      8. Open and Save an Attachment
      9. Create a Mailbox for Saving Messages
      10. Add Events and Contacts from a Message
      11. Process Messages Using Gestures
    5. Chapter 4: Enhancing Online Privacy
      1. Delete a Site from Your Browsing History
      2. Ask Websites Not to Track You
      3. Install and Use a Content Blocker
      4. Remove Saved Website Data
      5. Enable Private Browsing
      6. Delete a Saved Website Password
      7. Delete Saved Credit Card Data
      8. Move Spam to the Junk Mailbox Automatically
      9. Configure Advanced Junk Mail Filtering
      10. Disable Remote Images
    6. Chapter 5: Talking via Messages and FaceTime
      1. Sign In to Messages
      2. Send a Message
      3. Send a File in a Message
      4. Sign In to FaceTime
      5. Connect Through FaceTime
    7. Chapter 6: Tracking Contacts and Events
      1. Add a New Contact
      2. Edit a Contact
      3. Create a Contact Group
      4. Navigate the Calendar
      5. Create an Event
      6. Create a Repeating Event
      7. Send or Respond to an Event Invitation
    8. Chapter 7: Playing and Organizing Music
      1. Understanding the iTunes Library
      2. Navigate the iTunes Window
      3. Play a Song
      4. Create a Playlist
      5. Purchase Music from the iTunes Store
      6. Apply Parental Controls
      7. Subscribe to a Podcast
    9. Chapter 8: Learning Useful macOS Tasks
      1. Integrate macOS and Your iPhone or iPad
      2. Using Handoff to Switch Between a Device and macOS
      3. Install a Program Using the App Store
      4. Write a Note
      5. Enhance Notes with Attachments
      6. Create a Reminder
      7. Create a New Reminder List
      8. Work with the Notification Center
      9. Organize Files with Tags
      10. Search Files with Tags
      11. Search for a Location
      12. Get Directions to a Location
      13. Install a Font
      14. Access Non-Keyboard Characters
    10. Chapter 9: Connecting to Social Networks
      1. Sign In to Your Facebook Account
      2. Post to Facebook
      3. Publish a Photos Album to Facebook
      4. Sign In to Your Twitter Account
      5. Send a Tweet
      6. Connect to Your LinkedIn Account
      7. Post to LinkedIn
      8. Update Your Social Network Profile Picture
      9. Connect to Your Flickr Account
      10. Send Photos to Flickr
      11. Set Up Your Vimeo Account
      12. Send a Video to Vimeo
      13. Share Information with Other People
    11. Chapter 10: Viewing and Editing Photos and Videos
      1. View a Preview of a Photo
      2. View a Slideshow of Your Photos
      3. Import Photos from a Digital Camera
      4. View Your Photos
      5. Create an Album
      6. Crop a Photo
      7. Rotate a Photo
      8. Enhance a Photo with a Filter
      9. Straighten a Photo
      10. Remove Red Eye from a Photo
      11. Add Names to Faces in Your Photos
      12. Mark Your Favorite Photos
      13. Set an Album’s Key Photo
      14. Email a Photo
      15. Take Your Picture
      16. Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player
    12. Chapter 11: Securing macOS
      1. Change Your Password
      2. Require a Password on Waking
      3. Disable Automatic Logins
      4. Configure App Downloads
      5. Turn On the Firewall
      6. Configure Location Services
      7. Enable the Guest User Account
    13. Chapter 12: Customizing macOS
      1. Display System Preferences
      2. Change the Desktop Background
      3. Set Your Mac’s Sleep Options
      4. Change the Display Resolution and Brightness
      5. Create an App Folder in Launchpad
      6. Add a User Account
      7. Customize the Dock
      8. Add an Icon to the Dock
      9. Hide the Dock
      10. Add a Widget to the Notification Center
      11. Extend the Desktop Across Multiple Displays
      12. Customize the Share Menu
      13. Customize Siri
      14. Customize the Mouse and Trackpad
    14. Chapter 13: Maintaining macOS
      1. Empty the Trash
      2. Organize Your Desktop
      3. Check Hard Drive Free Space
      4. Uninstall Unused Applications
      5. Force a Stuck Application to Close
      6. Configure Time Machine Backups
      7. Restore an Earlier Version of a File
      8. Restore Files Using Time Machine
      9. Recondition Your Mac Notebook Battery
      10. Restart Your Mac
    15. Chapter 14: Working with iCloud
      1. Create an Apple ID
      2. Set Up iCloud Synchronization
      3. Generate a Website Password
      4. Activate and Configure iCloud Drive
      5. Manage Your iCloud Storage
      6. Set Up Family Sharing
      7. Locate and Lock a Lost Mac, iPod, iPhone, or iPad
    16. Chapter 15: Networking with macOS
      1. Understanding Networking
      2. Connect a Bluetooth Device
      3. Connect to a Wireless Network
      4. Connect to a Network Resource
      5. Turn On File and Printer Sharing
      6. Share a Folder
      7. Share a Printer
      8. Add a Shared Printer
      9. View macOS on Your TV
    17. End User License Agreement