Chapter 11. Sending and Receiving E-mail

You can use Windows Vista's Windows Mail program to send e-mail to and read e-mail from friends, family, colleagues, and even total strangers almost anywhere in the world. This chapter shows you how to perform these and many more e-mail tasks.

Sending and Receiving E-mail
  • Start Windows Mail 226

  • Navigate Windows Mail 227

  • Send an E-mail Message 228

  • Add Someone to Your Contacts 230

  • Select a Contact Address 232

  • Add a File Attachment 234

  • Add a Signature 236

  • Receive and Read E-mail Messages 238

  • Reply to a Message 240

  • Forward a Message 242

  • Open and Save an Attachment 244

  • Create a Folder for Saving Messages 246

  • Create Rules to Filter Incoming Messages 248 ...

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