Chapter 13. Designing a Web Site with CSS

Designing a Web Site with CSS

In addition to other layout options, Dreamweaver allows you to quickly create AP Divs. This chapter shows you how to gain more design control and increase user interaction using the AP Divs feature, as well as how to use Divs without absolute positioning to create centered designs.

  • Introduction to AP Divs

  • Create an AP Div with Content

  • Resize and Reposition AP Divs

  • Change the Stacking Order of AP Divs

  • Add a Behavior to an AP Div

  • Create Complex Designs with AP Divs

  • Create a Nested AP Div

  • Create a Centered CSS Layout

  • Edit a CSS Layout

Introduction to AP Divs

You can use advanced Dreamweaver tools to create AP Divs and ...

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