Chapter 13. Designing a Web Site with CSS

Designing a Web Site with CSS

In addition to creating styles for text, you can use CSS to create styles that position and align elements on a page. Using styles with divs and other HTML tags, you can create complex layouts in Dreamweaver that meet today's Web standards.

  • Introducing CSS Layouts

  • Create a Web Page with a CSS Layout

  • Edit a CSS Layout

  • Add Images to a CSS Layout

  • Using Floats to Align Elements

  • Add an Image to the Header

  • Create an AP Div with Content

  • Resize and Reposition AP Divs

  • Change the Stacking Order of AP Divs

  • Create a Nested AP Div

Introducing CSS Layouts

You can use advanced Dreamweaver tools to create CSS layouts that are flexible, ...

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