Chapter 10. Enhancing Contrast and Exposure

Does your photo suffer from shadows that are too dark or highlights that are too light? Or perhaps you have an old photo in which the entire image is faded? You can correct tone, contrast, exposure, and lighting problems by using several nifty tools in Photoshop Elements. This chapter shows you how.

Enhancing Contrast and Exposure
  • Enhance Lighting with Guided Edit. 192

  • Adjust Levels. 194

  • Adjust Shadows and Highlights. 196

  • Change Brightness and Contrast. 198

  • Lighten Areas with the Dodge Tool. 200

  • Darken Areas with the Burn Tool. 202

  • Add a Spotlight. 204

  • Fix Exposure. 206

  • Using the Blur and Sharpen Tools. 208

Enhance Lighting with Guided Edit

You ...

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