Appendix: List of Blank Worksheets Used in Part I and Part II

Worksheet 1: Strategy

Worksheet 2: Key Actors

Worksheet 3: An Actor’s Actions and Tactics

Worksheet 4: Key Resources

Worksheet 5: Key Rules

Worksheet 6: Factors Outside Anyone’s Control

Worksheet 7: Do or Die Moments

Worksheet 8: Tactics and Countervailing Tactics

Worksheet 9: Overview Worksheet: Introduction to Political Science

Worksheet 10: What Is Politics?

Worksheet 11: Ideologies: Families of Political Ideas

Worksheet 12: Analysis the Throne Speech/Official Opposition Response

Worksheet 13: Analysis of the Finance Minister’s Economic Statement

Worksheet 14: Expenditure Proposal/ Expenditure Reduction Proposal

Worksheet 15: Proposed Budget

Worksheet 16: Pollster’s Questionnaire ...

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