Team Collaboration: Using Microsoft® Office for More Effective Teamwork

Book description

Set the stage for more effective collaboration in your organization using Microsoft Office. Whether coordinating a cross-team project or leading your workgroup, you’ll discover how to combine your skills with Office programs with best practices for enabling your team’s best work.

  • Apply expert insights for increasing the collaboration power of teams and groups

  • Take advantage of the collaboration features in Microsoft Word ,Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote to manage shared work and communications

  • Learn ways to use Microsoft SharePoint to enable teamwork

  • Get an overview of capabilities and business considerations for using Microsoft Office 365

  • Table of contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Who this book is for
        1. Assumptions
      2. How this book is organized
      3. Office versions and requirements
      4. Acknowledgments
      5. How to get support & provide feedback
        1. Errata & book support
        2. We want to hear from you
        3. Stay in touch
    2. 1. Concepts and Basic Tools
      1. 1. Collaboration Basics
        1. Team dynamics and leadership
        2. The importance of dissent
        3. Generating and evaluating ideas
        4. The needs of virtual teams
        5. Working alone and together
        6. Collaborative tools in Microsoft Office
          1. Managing content and history
          2. Using templates
          3. Communication and sharing
          4. Keeping records
          5. Document collaboration
          6. Mobility and flexibility
        7. A real example
      2. 2. Building a SharePoint Team Site
        1. Getting started on the home page
        2. Working with groups and permissions
          1. Adding users to the site or a group
          2. Managing permissions for users and groups
          3. Defining a permission level
          4. Creating a group
        3. Working on the team site
          1. Adding a slide library
          2. Adding list apps
          3. Tracking tasks
          4. Holding a team discussion
          5. Scheduling and managing events
            1. Adding an event
            2. Using a meeting workspace
          6. Working with documents
            1. Creating and uploading documents
            2. Checking documents out and in
          7. Setting up alerts
          8. Connecting with Office and exporting items
        4. Creating and modifying views
        5. Developing the team site
          1. Managing document approval with a workflow
          2. Breaking permission inheritance
          3. Creating pages
          4. Using a wiki page library
        6. Classifying and searching for content
          1. Adding a note
            1. Adding a note
            2. Adding a tag
          2. Searching
          3. Using advanced search
          4. Working with search results
      3. 3. Managing Access and Preserving History
        1. Protecting Office documents
          1. Using rights management
          2. Using a password
          3. Protecting workbooks and worksheets
        2. Managing versions
        3. Working with document properties
          1. Setting properties in an Office program
          2. Defining properties for a list or library
      4. 4. Building Team Templates
        1. Using Excel templates
          1. Looking at the inventory list template
          2. Creating a simple tracking template with data validation
            1. Setting up the template
            2. Adding data validation
        2. Developing a PowerPoint template
          1. Elements of a PowerPoint template
          2. Creating your own PowerPoint template
            1. Customizing template design elements
            2. Working with placeholders
            3. Creating a custom layout
            4. Working with notes and handout masters
            5. Saving the PowerPoint template file
        3. Designing a Word template
          1. Working with paragraph styles
            1. Working with paragraph styles
            2. Defining character styles
            3. Creating headers and footers
          2. Creating building blocks and Quick Parts
            1. Using building blocks
            2. Saving and inserting Quick Parts
          3. Adding content controls
            1. Working with content control properties
            2. Changing the text in a content control
          4. Protecting a template
        4. Adding custom templates to your team site
    3. 2. Working Day to Day as a Team
      1. 5. An Integrated Outlook
        1. Working with the team site from Outlook
          1. Connecting to a document library
          2. Managing team discussions from Outlook
          3. Using Outlook to add and update the team site task list
        2. Linking Outlook items to OneNote
          1. Adding e-mail to OneNote
          2. Using meeting notes
          3. Working with Outlook tasks in OneNote
        3. Sharing and publishing calendars
          1. Sending a calendar by e-mail
          2. Sharing a calendar
          3. Publishing a calendar online
          4. Avoiding scheduling conflicts
      2. 6. Working Together in Lync
        1. Contacts and presence
          1. Sharing status information with your team
          2. Getting in touch
          3. Viewing and managing your status
        2. Instant messages, video calls, and online meetings
          1. Exchanging instant messages
          2. Holding a video conference
          3. Using your conversation history
          4. Holding meetings online
        3. Collaboration tools
          1. Sharing your desktop
          2. Sharing a PowerPoint presentation
          3. Sharing a program
          4. Conducting an online poll
          5. Working together on a whiteboard
        4. Recordings and meeting notes
          1. Making and managing recordings
          2. Taking notes in OneNote
      3. 7. Keeping Track of Discussions and Ideas
        1. Sharing OneNote notebooks
        2. Synchronizing notebooks
        3. Adding content to a notebook
          1. Inserting files and printouts
            1. Linking to files
            2. Attaching files
            3. Printing files to OneNote
          2. Inserting a spreadsheet
          3. Adding images and drawings
            1. Pictures
            2. Screen clippings
            3. Working with drawing tools
          4. Working with pen input
          5. Adding audio and video recordings
          6. Working with tables
          7. Editing and formatting text in OneNote
        4. Adding links and linked notes
          1. Linking pages to other OneNote pages
          2. Linking notes to pages, sections, and notebooks
          3. Working with linked notes
          4. Linking notes to other applications
            1. Linking notes in Word and PowerPoint
            2. Linking notes in Internet Explorer
        5. Managing changes and additions to shared notebooks
          1. Marking coauthor edits as read or unread
          2. Viewing recent edits
          3. Finding notes by author
          4. Hiding author initials
          5. Working with page versions
        6. Searching notebooks
          1. Searching notebooks, sections, and pages
          2. Displaying the Search Results pane
        7. Tagging notes
          1. Setting up a group of common tags
          2. Finding tagged notes
          3. Creating a tag summary page
        8. Doing more with OneNote
          1. Saving the current page as a template
          2. Research and references
          3. Sending pages in shareable formats
          4. Using the notebook Recycle Bin
          5. Opening backup notebooks
      4. 8. Working on Shared Documents in Word
        1. Controlling the editing of a document
        2. Basic collaboration tools: comments and revision marks
          1. Annotating a document
          2. Tracking changes
            1. Setting track changes options
            2. Reviewing a file
            3. Accepting and rejecting changes
        3. Comparing and combining documents
          1. Comparing documents
          2. Combining documents
        4. Coauthoring documents in Word
          1. Word coauthoring basics
          2. Blocking authors
          3. Resolving conflicts
          4. Comparing versions
      5. 9. Collaborating in Excel
        1. Making use of file formats and annotations
          1. Distributing Excel files in other formats
            1. Creating a PDF/XPS document
            2. Saving files in different formats
            3. Sending an Excel file in e-mail
          2. Annotating and reviewing worksheets by using comments
        2. Distributing and merging multiple workbooks
        3. Sharing workbooks on a network
          1. Protecting a shared workbook
          2. Tracking changes in a workbook
          3. Resolving conflicts
          4. Viewing change history
          5. Clearing the sharing option
        4. Sharing Excel files on SkyDrive or SharePoint
          1. Setting browser view options
      6. 10. Preparing a Presentation as a Group
        1. Working with a slide library
          1. Building the library
            1. Adding slides from PowerPoint
            2. Adding slides from the team site
          2. Reusing library slides
          3. Inserting slides from SharePoint
          4. Updating slides
        2. Coauthoring a presentation
        3. Adding annotations and comments
        4. Comparing presentations
        5. A few final steps
      7. 11. Working with Office Web Apps on SkyDrive
        1. The SkyDrive landscape
          1. SkyDrive commands
          2. Sharing documents
            1. Sharing from SkyDrive
            2. Sharing a file from a web app
          3. Sharing SkyDrive folders
          4. Using the SkyDrive Application
            1. Setting up the SkyDrive app
            2. Connecting remotely from SkyDrive
        2. Using Mail, People, and Calendar apps
          1. Mail
          2. People
          3. Calendar
            1. Subscribing to a calendar
            2. Sharing a calendar
        3. Creating and editing documents in Office Web Apps
          1. Using Word Web App
            1. Editing in Word Web App
            2. Coauthoring in Word Web App
          2. Taking notes in OneNote Web App
          3. Working together in Excel Web App
          4. Building and editing presentations in PowerPoint Web App
    4. Index
    5. About the Author
    6. Copyright

    Product information

    • Title: Team Collaboration: Using Microsoft® Office for More Effective Teamwork
    • Author(s): John Pierce
    • Release date: November 2012
    • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
    • ISBN: 9780735669611