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Tech Firms Ask Congress to Redefine Medical Privacy Rules

Book Description

"HIPPAA privacy regulations are stifling innovations and Congress needs to help, many tech and health companies say. As they make a push for change, these companies want Congress to redefine medical privacy with a less conservative stance and more clarity to open up avenues to developing medical technologies and new approaches to treatment. The current stance on health data privacy is “constructing a health care system that they and we cannot afford” and that by “trying to protect everyone from the information, we may be protecting [the public] to death,” warns one former medical technology executive. Come along with CQ Roll Call, which has been providing intelligence on U.S. legislative, policy and political developments since 1945, as it takes a closer look at how Congress is grappling with how to balance the tech community’s push with the sanctity of consumers’ online accounts.

About the author: Kerry Young covers appropriations for CQ Roll Call She joined CQ in 2007 as co-editor of Budget Tracker, an electronic newsletter and web site on the budget and appropriations, keeping track of efforts to reduce waste in government and control deficit spending and the debt. She’s a veteran of Bloomberg News, where from 1995 to 2006 she covered energy and health, including the FDA and Medicare. A graduate of Tulane University, Kerry worked for several small newspapers in New Jersey at the start of her career in the early 1990s."

Table of Contents

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