Tech Support for the Internet of Things

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Connected technologies and the “Internet of Things” are impressive, promising convenience, control, and simplicity. But the truth is these new gadgets, applications, interfaces, and systems aren’t nearly as interconnected as we want them to be, leaving us wanting more from the products themselves, and the brands that make and sell them. The integration and optimization of devices remains cumbersome and disjointed, leaving a support gap. As connected “things” venture further away from traditional technologies, the gap will only expand. This disconnectedness is a byproduct of impressive technological innovation without the service and support transformation needed to underpin interrelated applications. In this live, interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Paul Weichselbaum describes the tech support complexities associated with connected “things” and offers solutions for improving the customer experience in this age of the Internet of Things. Weichselbaum also discusses how companies can (and must) think and act more expansively about the scope of their services to help consumers experience the control, simplicity, and convenience that the Internet of Things has to offer.

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  • Title: Tech Support for the Internet of Things
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  • Release date: March 2015
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review
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