Jaylene Graham

Acid-Cut Gobos


Commercial-quality gobos can be made anywhere with some easily found materials and equipment. Disregarding the initial setup costs, making gobos is less expensive than buying them. The time it takes to make a batch depends on the complexity of the design, but three hours from tracing the design to fitting the finished product into holders is average.


Muriatic Acid Plastic or Bamboo Tongs
Krylon® Crystal Clear Spray Tea Strainer or Window Screening
Carbon Paper Rubber Gloves and Apron
Water Splash-Proof Goggles
Acetone Respirator with Organic Filter
Printers’ Tin Scrub Brush (acetone-resistant)
Photo-Developer Pans (at least 2) Stylus or Scriber
X-acto® Knife Plastic ...

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