Sandwich Batten Clamps

Jon Lagerquist


This clamp is a low-cost means of attaching sandwich battens to a drop or scrim. It was designed to stretch a scrim folded on its centerline without puncturing the scrim or using all of the shop’s C-clamps. The clamp consists of the four parts shown in Figures 1 and 2:

A Clamp Body. ¾″ plywood. The shape of the notch and the width of the arm are the critical elements.

B Sandwich Battens. Two 1×3s the length of the drop.

C Side Wedges. Two 4″ pieces of 1×3 cut with a bevel to match the notch in the clamp body.

D Bottom Wedges. Two 8″ pieces of 1×3 tapered to a point.




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