Sawdust street Bricks

Dauglas L. Rusk



  Burlap-Backed Carpet (we salvaged ours from an old apartment building)

  Swift’s 3917® Flexible Glue

  Dental Plaster


  Tinting Agent

  3mil Polystyrene




Cover the area to be bricked with the carpet, burlap side up. Use a Cutawl® to cut a convenient size stencil from the polystyrene. We worked with a stencil 5′-0″ × 3′–4″. Then mix the “cement” by adding equal parts of thinned flexible glue (9 parts glue to 1 part water) and dental plaster. If tinting is desired, add the tinting agent to the thinned glue first. Next add sawdust to the mixture at approximately a 4:l ratio, depending on the density of sawdust. The cement is then poured into the stencils ...

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