A Non-Skid Groundcloth

Philip E. Hacker


The following method for making a non-skid groundcloth was devised at the University of New Mexico to meet the needs of a specific touring production in which cast members stilt-danced on the groundcloth.

The groundcloth had to be tacky enough to provide a sure footing for the stilts strapped to the actors’ legs. It also had to resist bunching up around the base of the stilts, and it had to be kept from sliding across the surface of the deck.


Large bucket Paint brushes
80z Duck or scenery cloth Deck broom
Phlex-glue Fairly coarse sawdust
Phlex-glue Super Plastisizer Sizewater
Latex paint 6″ or 8″ Sonotubem

Phlex-glue and Phlex-glue Super Plastisizer are produced ...

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