Nylon Rollers

Ray Furtun


Using shop-built nylon rollers like those shown in Figures 1 and 2, a low-profile furniture or prop pallet can be constructed to an overall height of only 1⅝″. The pallet itself — an unframed layer of ⅝″ plywood skinned with ¼″ Masonitem® — makes up more than half of that height. The rollers add only ¾″. Supporting a typical 4x8 pallet takes 12 to 15 rollers.

The roller is made of 1” nylon rod with a ¼″ hole for the axle drilled through the center. The nylon rod is available at commercial plastics suppliers and costs about $3.00 to $4.00 per foot. ¼″-diameter cold rolled steel rod acts as the axle, and two pieces of ⅛″x 1″ × 3″ flat steel are the mounting plates. Two ″ washers will fit snugly around the ¼″ steel ...

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