Chapter 8. Tuning and Synthesis of 2DF IMC for Uncertain Processes

Objectives of the Chapter

  • Present and motivate 2DF IMC tuning algorithms for stable uncertain processes with large or oscillatory disturbance lags.

  • Present and motivate 2DF IMC tuning algorithms for unstable uncertain processes.

  • Explore the effect of uncertainty on 2DF IMC controller design and model selection.

Prerequisite Reading

Chapter 4, “Two-Degree of Freedom Internal Model Control”

Chapter 7, “Tuning and Synthesis of 1DF IMC Controllers for Uncertain Processes”

Appendix A, “Review of Basic Concepts”

Appendix B, “Frequency Response Analysis”


Tuning a 2DF IMC system proceeds in two steps. First, the feedback loop in Figure 8.1 is tuned for good disturbance suppression by ...

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