List of figures and tables


1.1. Knowledge hierarchy (adapted from Nissen, 2006) 5

1.2. Knowledge flows (adapted from Nissen, 2006) 7

1.3. Multidimensional knowledge-flow visualisation (adapted from Nissen, 2006) 8

1.4. Best knowledge-flow path analysis (adapted from Nissen, 2006) 10

1.5. MIO participants and locations 14

1.6. MIO network activities 14

1.7. Typical wireless network enabling the expert boarding officers’ knowledge flow during the large cargo vessel search 15

1.8. Small craft detection and interdiction cluster 15

1.9. Adaptive network management 17

1.10. ‘Slow’ hierarchy of reach-back process for boarding teams, belonging to different agencies, during the nuclear radiation source detection (tacit path A–B depicted in ...

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