Chapter 2

Adapting Recent Approaches and Methodologies to Your Work

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out why TEFL courses are so varied

arrow Identifying great sources for professional development

arrow Considering different views on course planning

arrow Getting lots of ideas for dynamic lessons

It’s likely that throughout your teaching career you’ll work for schools that have varying approaches and methodologies. You may even develop a few of your own. Still, as a TEFL teacher you needn’t consider any particular approach or methodology as being exclusively right or wrong. Keeping an open mind helps you to be adaptable and to select the best points from various sources, which you can then bring into your classroom.

In this chapter, I introduce you to a selection of approaches and methodologies in TEFL that are likely to influence your course design and teaching practice on a daily basis. The list is by no means exhaustive, but helps you to understand the thinking behind the current view of ‘best practice’ in English language teaching.

The insight gained from studying a bit of the theoretical stuff also helps ...

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