Chapter 8

Covering Clothes and Fashion

In This Chapter

arrow Using clothes and fashion as a context for practising grammar and feeding discussions

arrow Practising the present continuous tense

arrow Teaching a fun, practical lesson for elementary students of any age

Lower level students need lesson content that they can use practically in their everyday lives. If they can’t put into practice the language items they acquire, they soon forget them. Fortunately, everyone uses clothes and many people have at least a passing interest in fashion. This topic always encourages students to offer an opinion.

In this chapter, I show you how to apply the topic of clothes and fashion to many different lessons and I present a lesson plan that combines this topic with the present continuous tense in a practical way.

Using Clothing and Fashion as Lesson Content

The great thing about discussing clothes is that you cover and expand into a broad range of topics. For example:

  • Budgeting
  • Comparing countries and cultures
  • Conforming in society
  • Describing colours and patterns such as stripes and zigzags
  • Describing cut and texture such as wide and narrow, rough and smooth
  • Discussing retail and consumerism
  • Conducting ethical ...

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