Chapter 23

Training Teens

In This Chapter

arrow Considering reasons that classes for teens may need extra preparation

arrow Using strategies to hold the interest of younger learners

arrow Teaching teenagers using a task-based approach

Teaching teenagers presents a challenge for most teachers. Whether you work in a summer school with kids from a variety of countries, or perhaps in a high school in a non-English-speaking country, you find that teenagers demand more from teachers in the way of adaptability and patience than many other age groups.

In this chapter, I look at the things you need to keep in mind that differentiate a class of teenagers from a class of adults, and I show you how to use a task-based approach to lesson planning for teenage classes of somewhat mixed abilities. For more information on a task-based approach to language learning, refer to Chapter 2.

Understanding Why Teen Classes Need Special Consideration

Many teenagers are, of course, happy and enthusiastic about their English lessons. Still, teenagers generally have a different mindset from other age groups. With this in mind, you’re best to prepare for any negative occurrences by considering factors that may affect teenagers ...

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