Caring for the Community

The primary objective of any healthcare service is to make everyone safer, healthier, and live longer. Prevention often reduces the need for medical treatment. Telemedicine therefore seeks to provide advice and support to reduce the chance of illness or injury. Historically, technology evolves over centuries to provide people with a better future. This is exactly why we are interested in enhancing medical and healthcare technology to people everywhere by providing more efficient and affordable services with ease of access to as many people as possible.

Technology benefits both service providers and patients in many ways involving physicians, healthcare professionals, end users, engineers, equipment manufacturers, authorities, care centres, clinics and hospitals. Healthcare services are no longer limited to certain locations such as clinics and hospitals as communications technology is able to bring many of these services away from clinics and hospitals to users on the move or at home. Caring for the community is about assisting disabled people, taking care of the children and the elderly, healing the sick or injured, and supporting vulnerable individuals.

Over the past seven chapters, we looked at many different types of wireless communication technologies being used in many different applications that cover the entire human body. In this chapter, we shall look at various aspects of healthcare that are used in caring for people under different circumstances. ...

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