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Telephone Skills that Satisfy Customers: Unleash the Full Potential of the Telephone

Book Description

They've been around since 1876. They're on every wall, desk and pocket in your life now. It's easy to take the phone for granted. But with the millions companies spend to reach people on TV, radio, the internet and direct mail, it only takes one bad moment through the phone to lose a customer forever. Learn how to use the telephone properly and professionally and create telephone moments of magic for your customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. About the Authors
    1. Rick Conlow
    2. Doug Watsabaugh
    3. WCW Partners
  6. Preface
    1. SuperSTAR Customer Service: A Definition
    2. SuperSTAR Telephone Skills More Than Satisfy Customers
    3. The Bottom Line
      1. Poor Service
      2. Average Service
      3. Excellent Service
    4. Learning Objectives
    5. Workplace and Management Competencies mapping
      1. Workplace Competencies:
  7. About the Crisp 50-Minute Series
    1. What You Need to Know
      1. Exercises
      2. Forms
  8. A Note to Instructors
    1. PowerPoint Presentations
    2. Answer keys
    3. Assessments
    4. Customization
  9. Part 1: Keeping a Positive Attitude
    1. Why Keeping a Positive Attitude Is Important
      1. Positive Self-Awareness
        1. A Launching Pad to SuperSTAR Telephone Skills
    2. My Successes and Achievements
    3. I Like Myself!
    4. Positive Self-Direction
      1. Identify What You Want
      2. Set Goals
        1. Terry Fox
      3. Take the First Steps
        1. Customer Service Facts
    5. Part Summary
  10. Part 2: Answering the Telephone Brilliantly
    1. Preparing to Answer the Telephone
      1. It Starts with Preparation
        1. Preparation Tips
    2. Phone Answering Skills
      1. The Initial Greeting
      2. Announcing Your Company or Department
      3. Identifying Who You Are
      4. Offering To Be of Service to the Customer
      5. Phone Situations
        1. Answering Calls for People Who Are Unavailable
        2. Managing Your Tone of Voice
        3. Creating Your Voice Mail Message
        4. Addressing Others on the Phone
        5. Answering Someone Else’s Phone
    3. Part Summary
  11. Part 3: Asking Questions and Listening Effectively
    1. What Customers Want When they Call
      1. What Do Customers Want?
      2. Call Categories
    2. Ask Questions
      1. Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions
    3. Listen
      1. Active Listening
    4. Take Action
      1. Putting the Caller on Hold
      2. Actions to Avoid
      3. Making a Call Back
    5. Part Summary
  12. Part 4: Handling Customer Moments of Truth
    1. Customer Focus
    2. Moments of Truth
      1. Transferring Calls
        1. Announcing a Call
      2. Taking Messages
      3. Initiating Customer Calls
        1. Key Steps for Initiating a Customer Call
        2. Leaving a Message for a Customer
      4. Handling Problems
        1. Deal with the person
        2. Deal with the problem
      5. Returning a Customer Call
      6. Using E-mail to Support Your Phone Contacts
        1. Sample E-mail Message
        2. Classic E-mail Caveats
      7. Upgrading Cell Phone Etiquette
    3. Part Summary
  13. Part 5: Adding Value
    1. Five Strategies for Adding Value
    2. Communicate Positively with Others
    3. Show the Customer Appreciation
      1. Your Commitment to Continuous Improvement
      2. Ending a Phone Conversation: Thanking the Customer
    4. Follow Up and Follow Through
    5. Go the Extra Mile
      1. Real Examples
      2. Wow the Customer with Kindness!
    6. Create Internal Teamwork
      1. Become a Team Player
      2. Multiply Your Efforts with Telephone Teamwork
    7. Part Summary
  14. Appendix
    1. Appendix to Part 2
      1. Assess Your Progress!
    2. Appendix to Part 3
      1. Asking Questions
    3. Appendix to Part 4
      1. Staying Customer-Focused
      2. Appropriate and Inappropriate Messages
    4. Appendix to Part 5
      1. Apply Your Telephone Skills
      2. Make a Plan for Success!
    5. Additional Reading
      1. Crisp 50-Minute Series books: