Note: Page numbers with f & t indicates Figure and Table


A-1, see Senior audio technician (A-1)

A-2, see Audio assistant (A-2)

Academy of Country Music Awards, 326f

Accent light, 194

Accessories checklist, 353t


dead surroundings, 241

definition, 237

live surroundings, 241

reflections, 240

sound quality, 239

Action analysis, storyboards, 90

Action line

crossing, 306

definition, 299

picture frame effect, 174

shot examples, 308


and chroma-key, 39

NUMB3RS, 25f

rehearsal, 527f

studio in action, 31

as talent, 25


appropriate style, 342

definition, 341

AD, see Assistant director (AD)

Advance rehearsals

overview, 324

procedures, 328

studio rehearsal, 324

AGC, see Automatic gain control (AGC)

Alias, 157

All My Children ...

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