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Temperatism, Volume I

Book Description

What if organization's pursued something other than an economic agenda? It may appear on the surface that this is a na•ve question, but it is a fundamental question about the role of organizations in our society. Why has the capitalist profit and neo-liberal agenda become so entrenched in Western society that we can't possibly imagine anything different? The evidence that the system is flawed is plentiful and yet we still hang onto what we know, a little like a relationship that has past it's best before date but is not yet damaging enough for a parting of ways. Do we ignore the evidence out of fear or because there appears to be no viable alternative? If growth and profit is part of the equation then what alternative is there to capitalism? This book explores what different might look like and in doing so proposes an alternative paradigm. It seeks to begin a dialogue about whether, if growth and profit are an important part of the equation, then 'Important for what purpose?' What follows is a proposition of an alternative agenda for organizations, one of doing good and the introduction of a new business framework - Temperatism.