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Ten Minute Guide to Lotus Notes® 4.6

Book Description

The 10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes will help you quickly get up to speed on the new and existing features of the newest Lotus Notes release. The book covers the most-frequently used features of Notes, such as sending and receiving E-mail, working on shared documents, group scheduling and calendaring, and using the Internet Explorer Web browser. The 10 Minute Guide offers simple, practical help. Special icons show how Lotus Notes differs under Windows NT Workstation.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction
  3. Who Should Use This Book
  4. Conventions Used in This Book
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. From Here…
  7. Understanding Lotus Notes Concepts
    1. Understanding Clients and Servers
    2. Understanding Lotus Notes Applications
    3. Understanding Databases
    4. Understanding Documents and Forms
    5. Understanding Views
    6. Understanding Lotus Notes Help
  8. Getting Started with Notes
    1. Starting Notes
    2. Understanding the Notes Workspace
    3. Using Workspace Pages
    4. Customizing Workspace Pages
    5. Exiting Notes
  9. Navigating Notes
    1. Opening Menus and Selecting Commands
    2. Using SmartIcon Shortcuts
    3. Using Dialog and Properties Boxes
  10. Opening a Database
    1. Reading the About and Using Documents
    2. Working with Views
    3. Reading the Status Bar
  11. Reading Mail
    1. Opening Your Mailbox
    2. Selecting a Message
    3. Reading Your Mail
    4. Understanding Read Marks
    5. Navigating Through Mail
    6. Closing a Message and the Mailbox
  12. Managing Incoming Mail
    1. Using the Preview Pane
    2. Marking Mail
    3. Printing Mail
    4. Saving Mail in a Folder
    5. Deleting Mail
  13. Creating and Sending Mail
    1. Creating Mail
    2. Sending Mail
    3. Replying to Mail
    4. Forwarding Mail
  14. Using Advanced Mail Features
    1. Choosing Delivery Options
    2. Using Phone Messages and Tasks
  15. Using the Address Books
    1. Defining Address Books
    2. Using the Public Address Book
    3. Using Your Personal Address Book
    4. Creating Business Cards
    5. Creating and Using Groups
  16. Understanding Security and Access Rights
    1. Notes Security
    2. Passwords
    3. Locking Your ID
    4. Access Control List
    5. Encryption
    6. Signatures
  17. Creating Database Replicas
    1. Understanding Replication
    2. How Replication Works
    3. Creating a Replica
  18. Managing Databases and Database Icons
    1. Understanding Local versus Server
    2. Changing Icon Display Options
    3. Stacking Icons
    4. Working with Multiple Databases
    5. Deleting Databases and Removing Icons
    6. Adding New Databases to the Workspace
    7. Setting User Preferences
  19. Managing Documents
    1. Selecting Documents
    2. Refreshing Views
    3. Editing Documents
    4. Printing Documents
    5. Deleting Documents
    6. Using the Trash Can
    7. Viewing Unread Documents
  20. Editing and Formatting Text Fields
    1. Types of Fields
    2. Selecting Text
    3. Moving and Copying Text
    4. Undoing Changes
    5. Character Formatting
    6. Formatting Text
    7. Setting Spacing and Alignment
    8. Using Page Breaks
  21. Working with Text Features
    1. Finding Text in a Document
    2. Replacing Found Text
    3. Finding Text in a Database
    4. Checking Spelling
  22. Enhancing Documents
    1. Creating Document, Database, and View Links
    2. Creating Pop-Ups
    3. Inserting Tables
    4. Creating Sections
  23. Working with Attachments
    1. Understanding Attachments
    2. Creating Attachments
    3. Viewing Attachments
    4. Detaching Files
    5. Launching Files
    6. Printing the Attachment
  24. Joining a Discussion Group
    1. Joining the Group
    2. Viewing the Discussion Database
    3. Creating a Main Document
    4. Reading Documents
    5. Creating Response Documents
  25. Configuring Calendar and Scheduling
    1. Configuring Options
    2. Setting Your Calendar Profile
    3. Setting Your Delegation Profile
  26. Using the Calendar
    1. Making Calendar Entries
    2. Viewing Free Time
    3. Responding to Invitations
    4. Printing the Calendar
  27. Using the Favorites Database
    1. What is the Favorites Database?
    2. Moving Around the Favorites Window
    3. Adding Databases to Favorites
    4. Removing a Database from the Favorites Portfolio
    5. Rearranging Databases
  28. Setting Up for Mobile Use
    1. What You Need to Go Remote
    2. Working with Connection Documents
    3. Configuring Ports and Modems
    4. Creating Location Documents
  29. Using Notes Remotely
    1. Understanding Notes Mobile Users
    2. Creating Replicas Remotely
    3. Using Outgoing Mail
    4. Replicating Mail
    5. Using Send/Receive Mail
    6. Managing File Size
    7. Encrypting Local Databases
  30. Using the Replicator Page
    1. What Is the Replicator Page?
    2. Configuring the Replicator Page
  31. Index