Ten Ton CSS Fundamentals

Video Description

CSS is a must-know for today’s web designer. But it can be a confusing and difficult topic for those new to the field…rules, properties, style sheets, overrides…how does it all work? Well in this feature-packed DVD, award winning trainer Geoff Blake takes you from the very beginning, where you’ll learn about the fundamentals of CSS, how it interacts with XHTML, and what’s even possible with CSS, all the way through controlling page content like graphics, menus, and footers — plus you’ll discover some awesome techniques to pull off advanced table formatting. From there, it’s on to style sheets. You’ll learn not only how to manage external style sheets, but how to work with multiple style sheets for maximum efficiency and control. Lastly, you’ll learn about the cascading effect of CSS — one of the toughest concepts to understand in CSS. Here you’ll really master the topic and understand the various concepts and how to easily troubleshoot problems. Strap yourself in and get ready, it’s time for Ten Ton CSS Fundamentals!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome To Ten Ton CSS Fundamentals! 00:02:30
  2. Chapter 1: Getting Started!
    1. The Basics: Understanding How CSS Works 00:07:58
    2. Anatomy Of A CSS Rule 00:02:40
    3. CSS Property Reference 00:04:17
    4. Getting Set Up and Creating A Style Sheet 00:11:04
  3. Chapter 2: Getting Started With The Three Primary CSS Rule Types!
    1. The Three Fundamental CSS Rule Types 00:06:10
    2. Getting Started With HTML Selectors 00:10:46
    3. Creating Class Selectors 00:05:35
    4. Applying Class Selectors, Part One 00:05:47
    5. Applying Class Selectors, Part Two 00:04:39
    6. ID Selectors 00:09:39
    7. Additional Properties and Introducing CSS Shorthand 00:12:52
  4. Chapter 3: Formatting Page Content!
    1. Formatting Graphics 00:10:56
    2. Creating A Floating Sidebar 00:11:21
    3. Controlling Table Formatting With CSS, Part One 00:10:41
    4. Controlling Table Formatting With CSS, Part Two 00:09:29
    5. Technique: Advanced Table Formatting 00:30:21
    6. Creating An Alert Message 00:08:46
    7. Constructing A Quick Page Layout 00:07:23
    8. Technique: Creating A Sticky Footer 00:08:59
    9. Creating A Menu From An HTML List 00:12:12
    10. Setting The Menu's Hyperlink Formatting 00:04:42
  5. Chapter 4: Style Sheets!
    1. Moving Rules From An Internal Style Sheet To An External Sheet 00:07:08
    2. Making Changes To An External Style Sheet 00:04:18
    3. CSS Comments And Gettin' Your Style Sheet Organized 00:10:00
    4. Applying An Alternate Design 00:05:24
    5. Applying Multiple Style Sheets 00:11:38
    6. Importing Style Sheets Into External Style Sheets 00:06:28
    7. Technique: Creating A Printer-Friendly Style Sheet 00:08:16
    8. Inline Styles 00:05:10
  6. Chapter 5: Understanding The Cascading Effect Of CSS!
    1. Cascading, Part One: Introducing The Idea Of Cascading 00:04:14
    2. Cascading, Part Two: Understanding Overrides And How Rules Combine Together 00:07:39
    3. Cascading, Part Three: Understanding How Style Sheets Cascade 00:11:23
    4. A Quick Note On Cascading External Style Sheets 00:06:23
    5. Task: Take The Cascading Quiz 00:04:47
    6. Using Firefox's Firebug Plugin 00:07:18
    7. Resolving Conflicts With Dreamweaver 00:06:11
    8. Using !Important 00:03:56
  7. Chapter 6: Wrapping Up!
    1. Thanks For Watching 00:02:37
    2. Closing Credits 00:00:36

Product Information

  • Title: Ten Ton CSS Fundamentals
  • Author(s): Geoff Blake
  • Release date: February 2011
  • Publisher(s): Ten Ton Books
  • ISBN: 00002TTCSSF