Chapter 2

Getting Your Feet Wet


check Obtaining and installing TensorFlow

check Exploring the TensorFlow package

check Running a simple application

check Understanding style conventions

Many chapters of this book present complex technical subjects and lengthy mathematical formulas. But not this one. This chapter is dead simple, and its goal is to walk you through the process of installing TensorFlow and running your first TensorFlow application.

A complete TensorFlow installation contains a vast number of files and directories. This chapter explores the installation and explains what the many files and folders are intended to accomplish. The discussion touches on many of TensorFlow’s packages and the modules they contribute.

Once you’ve installed the TensorFlow toolset, it’s easy to start coding and running applications. The end of the chapter presents a basic application that provides a cheery welcome to TensorFlow development.

Installing TensorFlow

Google provides two methods for installing TensorFlow, and the simpler option involves installing precompiled packages. This discussion presents ...

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