How to do it...

  1. To start, we load the necessary libraries for the script:
import os 
import re 
import string 
import requests 
import numpy as np 
import collections 
import random 
import pickle 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 
import tensorflow as tf 
  1. Next, we start a graph session and set the RNN parameters:
sess = tf.Session()# Set RNN Parameters 
min_word_freq = 5 
rnn_size = 128 
epochs = 10 
batch_size = 100 
learning_rate = 0.001 
training_seq_len = 50  
embedding_size = rnn_size 
save_every = 500 
eval_every = 50 
prime_texts = ['thou art more', 'to be or not to', 'wherefore art thou'] 
  1. We set up the data and model folders and filenames, along with declaring punctuation to be removed. We will want to keep hyphens and apostrophes because Shakespeare ...

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