Chapter 13 - How Joins Work Internally

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 Engine”

– Elvis Presley

Teradata Join Quiz

Which Statement is NOT true?

1.   Each Table in Teradata has a Primary Index unless it is a NoPI table.

2.   The Primary Index is the mechanism that allows Teradata to physically distribute the rows of a table across the AMPs.

3.   Each AMP Sorts its rows by the Row-ID, unless it is a Partitioned table, the sort is first by the Partition and then by Row-ID.

4.   For two rows to be Joined together, Teradata insists that both rows are physically on the same AMP.

5.   Teradata will either Redistribute one or both of the tables, or Duplicate the smaller table across all AMPs to ensure matching rows are on the same AMP even if it is ...

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