Chapter 32 - Macro Functions

“Don't count the days. Make the days count.”

-Muhammad Ali

The 14 rules of Macros

1.     Macros can containone or more SQL Statements

2.     Macros are a database Extension in Teradata and not ANSI-Standard

3.     Macros do NOT require PERM Space

4.     Macros are stored in the Data Dictionary in the USER DBC

5.     Every statement in the macro must end in a semi-colon ;

6.     Only one DDL Statement can exist in a Macro and it must be the last statement

7.     Input Parameters can be passed to the Macro

8.     Macros run when users use the EXEC Macro Command

9.     Macros can be executed from any viable front end, especially the Nexus

10.   Macros cancall views and even other Macros

11.   All SQL Statements inside ...

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