Conducting the first tests

Open Project Navigator and select the ToDoTests group. Add a new Unit Test Case Class and call it ItemListDataProviderTests. Add the @testable import ToDo import statement and remove the two test template methods.

The table view should have two sections--one for unchecked to-do items and the other for checked items. Add the following test to ItemListDataProviderTests:

func test_NumberOfSections_IsTwo() { 
  let sut = ItemListDataProvider() 
  let tableView = UITableView() 
  tableView.dataSource = sut 

  let numberOfSections = tableView.numberOfSections 
  XCTAssertEqual(numberOfSections, 2) 

First, we create an instance of ItemListDataProvider, set up the table view, and then we check whether the table view has the expected ...

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