Green - example 2

Open ViewController.swift, and replace the implementation of makeHeadline(from:) with the following lines of code:

func makeHeadline(from string: String) -> String { 
  let words = string.components(separatedBy: " ") 

  var headline = "" 
  for var word in words { 
    let firstCharacter = word.remove(at: word.startIndex) 
    headline += "\(String(firstCharacter).uppercased())\(word) " 
  headline.remove(at: headline.index(before: headline.endIndex)) 
  return headline 

Let's go through this implementation step by step:

  1. Split the string into words.
  2. Iterate over the words, and remove the first character and change it to uppercase. Add the changed character to the beginning of the word. Add this word with a trailing space to the headline string. ...

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