If you are reading this then we have caught your attention and have you thinking about testing ASP.NET web applications. What do you think about when you hear the words testing ASP.NET web applications? To some it may mean cross-browser compatibility or accessibility testing. To others it may mean availability and stability. Each is a valid testing discipline, and each is an example of the types of testing that can be found in this book.

It is our intention that while you read this book, you think about web applications that you have developed in the past or are currently building and how each testing discipline can apply to your web applications. We hope that while you are reading each chapter you are able to apply these testing techniques to your daily development processes.

Whether this book was obtained via a bookstore, online store, or you were lucky enough to be given a free copy, we are glad that you see the importance of creating secure, stable, and accessible web applications and we welcome you to the wonderful world of ASP.NET web testing (and we promise you the rest of the book will not be this cheesy).

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at beginner and intermediate web developers who are looking to learn about how to test their ASP.NET web applications. This book assumes the reader has created a few websites and has an interest in learning the different testing disciplines that can be applied to web development.

Whether you are a developer, manager, ...

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